Carnegie Mellon University

Demand for Software Engineers Surges!

Hiring top software engineering talent will become increasingly harder as demand surges across all sectors. While the past decade has seen an uptick in big data and data science, the real cost is in building reliable systems to meet your company’s need to keep innovating.

The demand for software engineers will skyrocket by 21% during 2018-2028, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics! That's over 284,100 new jobs in software development. Moreover, the number of less experienced computer programmer positions will decline by 7%, that's -17,900 jobs.

In a recent New York Times article, students are rushing to computer science majors more than doubling enrollment between 2013-2017. Yet, Universities cannot produce instructors fast enough to meet demand. How will your company compete for an ever shrinking talent pool?

Committed to the Solution

As one of the foremost graduate programs in software engineering, we are committed to partnering with our colleagues in industry to combat this growing concern. As those charged with training the next generation of software engineering professionals, we firmly believe that the only way to effectively build talent pipelines is to work hand-in-hand with industry over the long-term. 

That commitment takes the form of our Corporate Affiliates Program (CAP). Through sustained collaboration with our program on sponsored student projects, recruitment, internships, and more, your organization will have the opportunity to establish informed, fruitful, efficient hiring pipelines as well as ground our curricula in the real-world concerns and challenges of your particular domain.