Carnegie Mellon University

The Master of Software Engineering (MSE) at Carnegie Mellon University is a professional master's program founded in 1989 with the intent of developing technical leaders in software engineering practice. Jointly founded by Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science and the Software Engineering Institute, the MSE program was on the forefront of software engineering education at a time when no academic programs existed.

At the heart of the MSE curriculum is the Studio Project, a capstone project that spans the entire duration of the 16-month degree. The Studio element is unique from most software engineering programs at other universities in that the project sponsors are real-world, external industry clients, and that the projects are considerably larger in scope than typical capstone projects.

Today, the MSE program is the world’s leader in software engineering management. With over 1,200 alumni, many MSE graduates go on to become senior managers, directors, vice presidents and chief technology officers, as they guide industry toward innovation and entrepreneurship while driving the discovery of tomorrow’s systems.