Carnegie Mellon University

Summer Internship

After completing coursework on requirements, architecture and project management, students enrolled in the MSE Scalable Systems and Embedded Systems programs are required to complete a summer internship. The internship extends each student’s prior industry experience and complements their coursework by teaching modern development practices and tools, such as configuration management, quality assurance practices, working with deployment pipelines, and team coordination.

Beginning in the first Fall semester, the MSE program provides students with access to career services that include resume writing workshops, mock interviews, and career fairs.

Upon their return to campus, MSE-SS and MSE-ES students present their internship experiences to their peers and new incoming students.

Summer 2022 Information

Internship Rate: 100%
Average Hourly Rate: $50.48
Median Hourly Rate: $51.50
Min/Max Hourly Rate: $17/$96

Student Preparation

carnegie mellon campus sign

World-Class Education

With all the resources of Carnegie Mellon's #1 ranked School of Computer Science at your fingertips, you will be challenged to excel in all that you do. While our core curriculum in software engineering imparts the skills necessary to reliably deliver high-quality software systems, you will also dive deep into machine learning, robotics, data science, and more. And all the while, you will learn from the pioneers and visionaries who put CMU on the map.


Resume Prep

You want to clearly and efficiently communicate your value to an organization. That comes from a well constructed resume. We encourage you to take advantage of our hands-on approach to prep. In addition to career services professionals that will help you to streamline your qualification, we provide resume writing workshops and reviews to ensure you will be easily matched to an organization that will value your skills and offer you opportunities to gain experience.


Mock Interviews

Resumes are only the beginning. We will work closely with you to ensure that you are prepared to succeed during your interviews. By leveraging the experience of our corporate partners and our distinguished alumni, we strive to give all of our students an advantage in the interview — an advantage that will separate you from the crowd.


Exclusive Jobs Board

Finding the right job can be a challenge. Wading through countless postings that aren’t aligned to your experience and interests is a waste of your valuable time. But, as an MSE student, you will have access to our exclusive internal jobs board. All postings are carefully curated and sourced from our closest industry collaborators. So you know they’ll be a great fit.

Internship Expectations

Key Objective 1

Learn to coordinate within and across teams, including how to rely on others to help fulfill needs to achieve larger engineering goals.

Key Objective 2

Learn to integrate tools into development workflows, including version control, issue tracking, and automated testing.

Key Objective 3

Experience one or more advanced engineering activities, such as artifact reviews, project planning, effort estimation, or user studies.