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Virtual Program Information Session

(Presented via Facebook Live)

About the Programs

The Master of Software Engineering Professional Programs is one of the most established graduate program within Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science. Consistently ranked among the best in the United States, graduate programs in the School of Computer Science boast faculty who are undisputed pioneers in their fields and alumni who shape the technological landscape of the future. With over 25 years of experience, our innovative approach to graduate education has produced some of the world’s finest software engineers; software engineers who have gone on to influence and enrich projects and organizations around the globe in countless ways.

Information Session

The Master of Software Engineering professional programs at Carnegie Mellon University will be hosting a program information session for prospective employers, interested applicants, and potential program sponsors.


Event Details

We will announce upcoming livestreamed information sessions via Facebook. Please "Like" our page to receive updates.

Why attend this event?

This event will help you gain a strong insight into our family of professional graduate programs in Software Engineering. By attending this event you will learn how our programs are:

  • Unique among the many technical graduate programs offered by Carnegie Mellon and its peers.
  • Amplified by a close relationship with the renowned Software Engineering Institute.
  • Revolve around a strong, foundational and challenging curriculum, with the opportunity to specialize in content areas.
  • Grounded in real-world learning experiences through hands-on projects.
  • Guided by faculty who are both world-class researchers and industry experts.

Who should attend?

Whether you are an undergraduate student with keen interest in software engineering, a software development professional looking to establish a hiring pipeline at CMU, or a mid-career professional who wants to accelerate their career through graduate study at an elite program — this event is for you.

Who will you meet?

Program Director and Staff. The session will begin with a brief presentation by the program director with enough time for questions.

We look forward to seeing you there. 

Please feel free to reach out to for any questions.