Carnegie Mellon University

Industry Partners

Many corporations engage in collaborative partnership with Carnegie Mellon as a way of addressing the company's long-term strategic goals and challenges. Industry partners help to define research interests, provide funding and support for ongoing activities, and sponsor Studio and MSIT Projects. Many of our partners also commit to their key employees through direct sponsorship of their graduate software engineering degree, recognizing the graduate's earned value to the corporation. Upon degree completion, employees return to their work places with enhanced technical knowledge, well-developed skills, and a breadth of experience that better prepares them for an ever-changing software engineering industry.

Partnerships span the globe and are represented by such organizations as the governments of South Africa, Japan, Kazakhstan and Korea, Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, HP, Integrity Applications, Intel, InterDigital Communications, Google, L3 Communications, NASA, Sandia Labs, Siemens, Tata Consulting, U.S. Airways, Sony, General Motors, Microsoft, Ford, Vesmark, and the Department of Defense and all of its U.S. military service branches.