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Alumni are the lifeblood of the programs. As alumni, we rely heavily upon your close connections to industry to drive and enrich many facets of our professional programs. Ranging from student recruitment, to teaching distance courses, to sponsoring projects, alumni involvement is vital to the ongoing success of the Software Engineering Professional Programs.

The Software Studio and MSIT Projects are critical elements of our curricula, providing real-world opportunities by which students can apply classroom learning to real problems. The projects are typically promoted by industry sponsors and range from technology/product investigation, prototype development, applied research, and building products or product elements.

Benefits to the project sponsors include:

  • access to students for recruitment
  • developing research relationships with CMU faculty
  • undertaking projects that the organization may not have the resources to tackle.

Software Studio projects begin anew each fall term and span the 4 program semesters. Smaller in size and scope, the 2-semester MSIT Projects begin annually in the spring, concluding at the end of the summer semester. Multi-year projects can be arranged. With the addition of the Embedded Software Engineering program, projects involving embedded hardware and software development are accepted. 

Sharing knowledge is a rewarding experience. It affords us the opportunity to reflect upon knowledge that has become intuitive, and to re-connect this understanding so as to pass it on to others. 

The program welcomes alumni and friends to share their experience and ideas with its students.

Invited talks provide:

  • an academic platform for information sharing
  • a mechanism by which to brainstorm an innovative idea with a larger, diverse audience
  • a forum in which to share what worked well and less-well in your technical domain.

If you are visiting Pittsburgh and have the time to share your experiences and expertise with our students, please visit us.

Likewise, if you are interested in having a faculty member from the program visit your company to give a talk to your employees, do let us know. Because we interact regularly with industry, we can work with you to develop short executive education courses or topic-specific workshops.

Key to the Studio and MSIT Project is the mentor. Project work is guided by experienced coaches who have extensive industry backgrounds in managing software development projects.

Throughout the span of the project, students work with mentors to:

  • understand decision choices and ramifications
  • develop productive team dynamics
  • define project and member’s roles
  • hone technical, communication, process and presentation skills
  • assess individual and team areas of improvement.

Our mentors are vital contributors to the program. We invite you to join our community of talented and dedicated program mentors.

Many organizations recognize the benefits imparted by the professional software engineering programs at Carnegie Mellon, yet are unable to release key employees to full-time program study. In response to this, the Distance Education program was established. With a curriculum identical to that of the campus program, the graduate software engineering programs are now available worldwide to working individuals and student cohorts via distance delivery.

Participation in our distance education program may include involvement as a distance education instructor, or serving as an ambassador of the program within your company.  

Companies sponsoring cohorts recognize benefits such as:

  • a streamlined application process
  • a high degree of core faculty engagement
  • reduced program tuition
  • synergy of employee-students

Distance education instructors:

  • are recognized as adjunct faculty
  • typically commit 5-8 hours /week per course
  • receive supplemental compensation

To educate the next generation of software engineering leaders, our professional programs seek the best and the brightest individuals.

You can help by promoting or sponsoring the future Agents of Change, individuals who are:

  • technically astute
  • eager to expand their discipline knowledge
  • intent upon improving managerial, leadership, and communication skills
  • motivated to succeed in the rapidly changing software engineering industry.

Carnegie Mellon’s graduate Software Engineering programs have created an Alumni Facebook group.  

The purpose of the group is to provide a mechanism for:

  • alumni networking
  • sharing of photos and memories
  • remaining current on program events, activities
  • announcing get-togethers.

With hundreds of members and photos, we invite you to join today! Membership is reserved for MSE and MSIT alumni and faculty.

Even if you or your organization is not yet in a position to assist with any of the aforementioned methods of support, you can still make an impact through a generous and thoughtful financial contribution to the programs.

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