Carnegie Mellon University

Software Engineering Distance Education

Due to a change in our program's focus, applications for individual students in our distance programs will no longer be accepted after July 2017.

However motivated the aspiring software engineer may be, he or she faces challenges such as:
• Maintaining work-life balance
• Fulfilling professional commitments
• Travel and relocation concerns

By leveraging technology, distance education resolves these issues by enabling students to complete their master’s degree part-time and remotely, following the identical curriculum as the on-campus students, and guided by CMU faculty.  

At Carnegie Mellon, we’ve been delivering world-class software engineering programs at a distance for nearly 20 years. Throughout this time, we’ve continuously refined our approach to ensure that the learning experience is of the highest caliber, is enriching as well as rewarding, and as cost- and effort-effective as possible.

Distance education brings smoothly integrated, specially-designed course materials, dedicated websites, chat rooms and teleconferences bring the classes and projects right to your laptop — anytime, anywhere. Because distance education allows students to continue working while they pursue their degree, many find that they can directly apply new knowledge on-the-job long before they finish the program.

Accelerate your career without interrupting it. Gain a competitive edge, enhance your marketability and skills set, and set your course for professional advancement.