Carnegie Mellon University

Master of Science in Information Technology – Software Engineering

The Master of Science in Information Technology – Software Engineering (MSIT-SE) degree is designed for early-career professionals with less than two years of work experience. The program shares the same core courses as the MSE program, and results in a final real-world capstone project. Considerably smaller than the MSE Studio in scope and size, the MSIT-SE Project affords the student an opportunity to demonstrate what has been learned in the core and elective courses through its practical application in a realistic project setting.

The typical applicant has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science or other scientific or technical discipline, one to two years of industry experience, and has worked on at least one notable project. Recent graduates without a history of formal work experience may apply, although it is highly recommended that they have completed no less than a full-summer internship or one semester of cooperative work in industry.

The program can be completed in several ways: 12-month/3 semester full-time study on campus or a flexible, part-time plan of study over several years.