Carnegie Mellon University

Certificate in Software Engineering

The Certificate in Software Engineering (CSE) provides the individual with the body of knowledge (BOK) that has enduring value in software engineering. It provides the individual with knowledge that enables them to understand critical concepts when dealing with complex software projects.

The Certificate program was designed to support individuals who are not sure if they are ready to commit to the entire masters program. It also allows individuals who have a more significant career degree, or only have a minimum amount of time, to obtain a certificate that represents the BOK for a software engineer.

The CSE is offered both on campus and at a distance. The program is typically done one course per semester over five semesters and normally takes less than two years to complete.

The CSE provides the student with foundational knowledge which will help them in their career. Historically when corporate partners have supported the CSE for their employees, return on investment was high and core knowledge immediately applicable. Upon completion of the  Certificate program, high-performing individuals may opt to apply to the Master of Software Engineering degree program.