Carnegie Mellon University

Health Insurance

You can find more information about enrolling, waiving, or getting a refund for the student health insurance plan at

All Carnegie Mellon students, graduate and undergraduate alike, are required to have health insurance coverage while enrolled. Health insurance can be purchased annually through the university. Those who have their own health insurance must complete a waiver form. Health insurance contracts are updated and available in early June for the following fall semester.

You can find insurance enrollment and waiver forms at

The cost for the current year is approximately $2700 for an individual and $7,750 for a family. The new rates are published annually, in mid-June.

Student health insurance is renewed each year before the start of the academic year. Coverage begins on August 1 and expires on July 31. By no later than September 19 of each year, students can choose to either upgrade to an enhanced health plan, or apply for a waiver from the plan because of existing coverage. Charges will be removed only if the waiver is approved.

If you do not have your own insurance, you can purchase student health insurance through the university. You will be charged for a full year, but you can request a refund, after you leave the program, at the end of the semester. The insurance enrollment year begins August 1 each year, and continues through July 31. If you cancel your student medical insurance before April 1 within that enrollment year, and if the insurance company has not paid any claims for you (prescriptions, doctor visits, emergency room visits, etc.), then you are eligible for a pro-rated refund.