Carnegie Mellon University

Lattanze Delivers Talks at Euro Conf on Embedded SwE & Robotics

Program Director, Professor Tony Lattanze, recently delivered a keynote and track talk in Sophia, Bulgaria to attendees of the European Conference on Embedded Software Engineering and Robotics.

Sponsored by European Software Institute and SAP Bulgaria, the event drew practitioners and researchers from across Europe.

Lattanze’s keynote, “Embedded Software Engineering: So What’s the Difference?”, addressed key differences in computer science and software engineering between practicing engineers in the IT/web‐centric versus those in the embedded software engineering domains. In addition to discussing challenges faced by hiring managers in embedded organizations, Lattanze also spoke about the curriculum of the MSIT-ESE program here at Carnegie Mellon and how it is designed to prepare software engineers for embedded domains.

Additionally, Lattanze also presented a track talk to students interested in careers in embedded software engineering and robotics, titled “So You Want to be a Robotics Engineer?”, in which he not only provided background on the field of robotics but also addressed topics including:

  • the roles and specializations that a robotics engineer may have in industry
  • what a kind of background and training a robotics engineer needs
  • what a robotics engineer can expect to work on in the future