Carnegie Mellon University

Program Welcomes Newest Cohort

The program is proud to welcome its newest cohort of MSE, MSIT-SE, MSIT-ESE, and MITS students to campus.

With more than 45 students from nations across the globe, the program is excited to see what the next year will hold for these bright, young minds. Tony Lattanze, Director of the Masters of Software Engineering Professional Programs, offered words of encouragement and guidance to the future software development professionals. “Challenge yourself in areas where you may be weak – transform them into strengths. In the true spirit of exploration, stretch your mind and shape the kind of software engineer you want to become.” Lattanze suggested. “View each class and each lecture as a chance to explore areas of software engineering and technology that may be unfamiliar to you. These are opportunities to gain exposure to new ideas and alternative ways of approaching software engineering and increase your personal inventory of knowledge, tools, and skills.”

Having completed numerous orientation sessions, met with their advisors, and gotten to know one another, the students are now on their way. And while they have a long, arduous road ahead of them, we know that our alumni will agree that the months of hard-work, late nights, and dreaded deadlines will not go unrewarded. Lattanze echoed these sentiments in his closing remark to this group of excited and enthusiastic students, noting that “The time you spend here will be among the most transformational in your life.”

2016 cohort

Pictured: Members of the 2016 cohort worked together on a tower building team excercise during orientation.