Carnegie Mellon University

Bass Delivers DevOps and Containers Talks

Len Bass, adjunct faculty in ISR’s Masters of Software Engineering Professional Programs, recently delivered two well attended sessions on topics in Software Engineering.

This first, titled "Why You Should Be Teaching Deployment in Your Curriculum" , was delivered at the IEEE Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training (CSEE&T)  in Dallas, TX. The panel discussions delved into the area of DevOps and its critical role in the modern development enviroment. Leveraging his recent work in that area, Bass and panelists addressed the need in academic programs for curricular components relating to deployment activities. A video of the panel can be found at the CSEE&T website.

The second was delivered in early May as a part of the SATURN 2016 conference, held in San Diego, CA. Titled “Containers and Software Architecture”, the workshop was designed to address the recent rise of virtual container technologies, such as Docker, and how to effectively leverage these new tools in a stable and sustainable way. To learn more about the workshop, please visit the workshop’s github repository.