Carnegie Mellon University

MSIT-ESE Collaborative Program LaunchesSRM Program Launch

The Masters of Software Engineering Professional Programs is pleased to announce the inaugural class in a newly formed collaborative education program with Sri Ramaswamy Memorial University (SRM) in Chennai, India.

SRM is one of India’s most highly rated schools for technical instruction; regularly ranking among its best engineer schools. Partnering with the MSE Programs, the SRM-CMU collaboration will offer students the opportunity to pursue a Masters of Information Technology – Embedded Software Engineering (MSIT-ESE) degree. Using the MSE’s highly successful model of joint education, the program will see students complete the MSIT-ESE core coursework – taught by CMU-trained SRM faculty – in Chennai ahead of two semesters of study onsite in Pittsburgh.

The Program is very pleased to be partnering with one of India’s finest institutions of higher technical learning and excited by the progress of this newest international collaborative education venture.