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MSIT-SE Student Wins Top Design Prize

MSIT-SE student, Ulyana Skladchikova, was recently awarded top prize in the UC Irvine User Experience Design Competition. The competition was conducted through the University of California Irvine’s Software Design & Collaboration Lab as a part of a larger research project studying “how design competitions might be used in crowdsourcing software development”.

Contestants were required to have at least two years of design and/or development experience. Each contestant was given a design task and one week to produce a UI design. Contestants then reviewed and ranked each other’s work and, in the second round, refined their own designs using the insights they picked up from the best designs by other contestants. Finally, all contestants completed a short interview with the competition sponsors regarding their strategy and experiences during the contest.

So, please join us in wishing Ulyana a very hearty congratulations on this outstanding accomplishment!

Click here to view UC Irvine’s announcement of the winners.