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Software Engineering Jobs Ranked Among the Best

While it comes as little surprise to the Software Engineering Professional Programs community, the profession recently weighed in as one of the best fields in which to work in America.  Respected publications and CareerCast jointly acknowledged that job satisfaction ranked highest for those in software engineering positions.  

Results from CNNmoney’s 2012 poll ranked Software Architect as its #3 best job in America, citing the position’s flexibility, strategic impact, and noted level of personal satisfaction. Likewise, CareerCast ranked Software Engineer as its pick for the third best job in America during 2013, falling slightly behind the positions of Actuary and Biomedical Engineer.  The tech website points out that the rating is based on four core criteria: environment, income, outlook, and stress level. “Software engineers performed well in the rankings because they tend to earn an average income of $89,000, in pleasant work environments, and with low levels of stress. The futures of their careers look bright”.

Now more than ever, opportunities in Software Engineering are increasingly apparent.