Carnegie Mellon University

MSE Distance

Since June, 1996, the Distance Education program has been developing and delivering world-class software engineering courses at a distance. We began by offering a Certificate in Software Engineering, then as technology and demand progressed, we were able to offer the Master of Software Engineering and now the Master of Science in Information Technology entirely at a distance.

All of our lectures are streamed from a local server. Podcasts of the lectures are available upon request. In addition to the lectures, students receive lecture slides, a Companion Guide with lecture notes and assignment descriptions, course readings in PDF format (textbooks not included), and access to a course website.

Instructors are in contact with students via email and bulletin boards in addition to, generally, holding regular chatroom sessions or video-teleconferences. This will vary among instructors and students, depending on their opportunities and/or access to video-teleconferencing equipment.