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MBA/MSE Plan of Study

The Master of Software Engineering and Master of Business Administration (MBA/MSE) is a seven semester program that starts each year in late August. The dual-degree program was designed for candidates who are for exceptionally strong technically and across disciplines such as business and economics.  

Semesters one, two and three are taken at the Tepper School of Business, with students beginning the on-campus software engineering aspect of the dual degree program in the second fall term. The MSE portion of the Plan of Study is below.

Units Required Courses
Core 60 17-651, 17-652, 17-653, 17-654, 17-655
Project 84 17-671 (12 units), 17-672 (36 units), 17-673 (36 units)
Electives/Independent Study 45 Generally, electives are chosen from Computer Science, Robotics, Heinz College, Electrical Engineering, and Software Engineering, but they can come from any school or department within Carnegie Mellon as long as: (1) the student has not already taken the course and (2) the course is in an area that is consistent with the student’s career goals. 
Communication 6 17-656 (3 units), 17-657 (3 units)
Prerequisites - 17-602

*All courses above, unless otherwise noted, are 12 units each

Sample Course of Study

Summer Pre-Requisite

Semester 4

Semester 5

Semester 6

Semester 7

***Please note the program's Overload Policy below when planning your course of study***

Overload Policy

The maximum number of units that a student in the MSE program can register for in any one semester is 51 units (after the final drop add date) in the first fall and spring semesters, and 48 units in the summer and second fall semesters. The program will accept for degree completion requirements only those units that have been approved and for which the academic advisor has signed off on the Course Registration Approval Form.

Courses not approved via the Course Registration Approval Form will not count toward degree completion requirements. All exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Program Director.

Students registering for courses other than those listed on the Course Registration Approval Form will be advised to drop the additional courses. Students who take an overload against the advice of their academic advisor may be subject to probation.