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Schedule of Classes

The current semester course list can be found here. Use the example plan of study below to find the course numbers you must take in the coming semester.

In addition some EXAMPLE electives that have been taken in the past and that are acceptable are:

Course Number Number of Units Course Title
08-722 6 Data Structures and Application Programming
17-643 12 Hardware for Software Engineers
17-630 12 Data Structures and Algorithms for Engineers
15-619 12 Cloud Computing
10-601 12 Machine Learning
94-845 6 Smart Cities: Growth & Intelligent Transit Systems
18-342 12 [Undergraduate] Fundamentals of Embedded Systems
45-805 6 Entrepreneurial High Growth Companies

NOTE: This is NOT an exhaustive list, but only examples for your use. Some electives are not available in all semesters.

Acceptable elective courses must be approved by your advisor and have course numbers greater than 500 in general. 

You must discuss your elective selection with your advisor PRIOR to having you plan of study is approved.

Sample Course of Study

Summer Prerequisite

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4

*Note: In addition to the courses above, one additional 6-unit elective is required for graduation. This elective may be taken in addition to planned coursework in any given semester (pending advisor approval).