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Dr. Annie Uthra

Asst. Professor
Dept of Computer Science and Engineering
SRM University

Dr. Uthra is an Asst. Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at SRM University. Additionally, she serves as the Manager of Recruitment for the SRM-CMU MSIT-ESE program. A graduate of SRM University's Masters of Engineering in Computer Science & Engineering program, Dr. Uthra completed her PhD from SRM University in February 2015. Her dissertation topic is entitled "Predictive Congestion Control Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks". Additionally, her scholarly and teaching interests include Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Communication, Cloud Computing, Positioning and Navigation, Congestion Control in WSN, Energy Aware Routing Techniques. Prior to coming to SRM, Dr. Uthra worked as a Systems Analyst for Computer Point, Tirunelveli.

When not teaching or conducting research, you can often find Annie reading a great book.

Awards, Honors, Memberships

  • Recipient of Best Teacher Award-2007, from SRM UNIVERSITY
  • The Indian Society for Technical Education Life Member
  • IET Member (1100298215)
  • Certified as Adjunct Faculty for the two courses Software Architecture and Analysis of Software Artifacts, by Institute of software Research, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA.
  • External service and industrial involvement
  • Examiner for other university theory/laboratory examinations
  • Project evaluator for undergraduate and Graduate Students for SRM and other private Universities
  • Chair person in national level workshops and conferences of private universities
  • Conducted/organized national and international level workshops and conferences in SRM University

Published Works

Journal Publications

  • R. Annie uthra, S.V. Kasmir Raja, A. Jeyasekar, Anthony J. Lattanze (2014) “A probabilistic approach for predictive congestion control in wireless sensor networks”, Journal of Zhejiang University-SCIENCE C (Computers & Electronics), vol.15, issue 3, pp.187-199.
  • R.Annie Uthra and S.V. Kasmir Raja (2012) “QoS routing in wireless sensor networks – a survey”, ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR), vol.45, issue 1, Article 9.
  • Sheryl Jose and R.Annie Uthra, (2014) “Minimizing Interference in Multihop Wireless Networks in the Presence of Hidden Terminals ”, International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies, vol. 5 issue 2, pp.1754-1758
  • Julius Olushola Jejeniwa, R.Annie Uthra, (2014) “Optimized Dual Head Cluster Algorithm for Large-scale Mobile Ad-hoc Networks”, International Journal of Information & Computation Technology, vol. 4, issue 6, pp.607-612.
  • Swapnil Nema and R. Annie Uthra (2013), ‘A home monitoring mobile application of secure sensor network with power efficient gateway’, International journal of information and computation technology,vol.3, issue 3.
  • Ashu guptha and R. Annie Uthra (2013), ‘Energy efficient cluster based data gathering in wireless sensor network’, International journal of information and computation technology,vol.3, issue 2.
  • R. Annie Uthra, S.V.Kasmir Raja, (2011) “PACC: Probabilistic Approach for Congestion Control in Wireless Sensor Network”,International Journel of Wireless Communications, vol. 3, issue 14, pp.985-990.
  • A.K.Arun,M.Sumathi and R.Annie Uthra (2011), 'SPOSH: A Secure Pervasive Human Centric Object Search Engine', International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications.

Conference Papers

  • R. Annie uthra, S.V. Kasmir Raja, (2014) “Energy Efficient congestion control for Wireless Sensor Networks”, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (Springer) series, Bangalore, India, 4(6), pp.607-612.
  • Bharani, R.Annie Uthra, (2014) “Energy efficient routing in wireless sensor network with genetic algorithm”, International conference on advances in computer science and information technology, Chennai, India, March 28-29.
  • Kranthi, R.annie Uthra, (2014) “Authentication through emotion and voice verification on Android platform”, National conference on convergence of big data and cloud computing NCCBCC’14, Chennai, India, March 17-18.
  • A.K.Arun,M.Sumathi and R.Annie Uthra (2011), 'SPOSH: A Secure Pervasive Human Centric Object Search Engine', Proceedings of Annual International conference, Amal Jothi Engg. College,Kottayam, 28-30 April.
  • Shuchi Tripathi and R.Annie Uthra (2011), 'Minimizing End to end delay in WSN' Proceedings of National multi Conference on Innovative Computing Technology, Chennai, India, April.
  • M.Sumathi and R.Annie Uthra (2010), 'Distance based localization in WSN', Proceedings of Conference on Mobile and Pervasive Computing COMPC-10, Vellammal Engineering, Chennai, India, 28-29 January.
  • R.Annie Uthra and B.Amutha (2009), 'Location Aware Computing in Specknet', IEEE Xplore and Proc. of IEEE International Advanced Computing Conferences IACC'09,Thaper University, Pattiala, Punjab, India, 8-9 March.

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