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Michael Clark


Mr. Michael Clark (Clark) was a manager for several diverse teams at Kennedy Space Center (20+ years) including Simulations, Math Modeling, and AI software development. In 2001, he became the first Shuttle Data Center System Architect. He has vast experience in designing and producing aerospace measurements systems and was a practicing marine systems engineer. He has designed several rocket assembly and disassembly devices that are used to safely stack solid rocket motors. Clark started his career as the electrical design lead for a NASA underwater robot and progressed to marine operations where he participated in the design and later operation of three ocean research vessels (Liberty, Freedom, and Independence). As a Space Launch processing executive, Clark managed 42 highly technical professionals.

In 2003, he joined CMU's "Red Team", a collection of students, research scientists, and sponsors to develop an autonomous robot racing vehicle capable of driving itself 250 miles in the desert. He led the mapping and planning teams that enabled the robot racer to win pole race position; traveling further and faster than the competition. Clark contributed as a senior system engineer for both the DARPA Desert and Urban unmanned vehicle challenges. CMU's urban entry won the $3M prize in November 2007 and placed second and third in the cross-desert challenge in 2005. Clark has been a distance instructor for ISR since 2005. ISR courses include Real-Time Systems, Methods, and SW Architectures.


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