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Ruhan Bevi

Asst. Professor (Selection Grade)
Dept of Electronics and Comm Engineering
SRM University

Mrs. Bevi is an Asst. Professor (Selection Grade) in the Department of  Electronics and Communication Engineering at SRM University. Additionally, she serves as the Academic Manager for the CMU-SRM MSIT-ESE program. A graduate of Anna University's Masters in Embedded Systems Technologies program, Mrs. Bevi is currently working towards her PhD in Electronics and Communication Engineering from SRM University where her dissertation topic is entitled "Architectural design of an Adaptive Crypto System for Single Event Upset Mitigation". Additionally, her scholarly and teaching interests include Cryptography, Hardware Security Systems, FPGA based system design, Low Cost Encryption. Prior to coming to SRM, Mrs. Uthra worked as a Research Assistant in Advanced Technical Institute of Information Technology in Chennai.

When not teaching or conducting research, you can often find Ruhan curled up with a good book, a remarkable film, or persuing her artistic interests.

Awards, Honors, Memberships.

  • The Indian Society for Technical Education Life Member
  • ACM Member (1100298215)
  • Certified as Adjunct Faculty by Institute of software Research, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA.

External Service and Industrial Involvement

  • Examiner for other university theory/laboratory examinations
  • Project evaluator for undergraduate and Graduate Students for SRM and other private Universities
  • Chair person in national level workshops and conferences of private universities
  • Conducted/organized national and international level workshops and conferences in SRM University
  • Department level Industrial visit coordinator

Published Works

Journal Publications

  • RuhanBevi, A., Malarvizhi, S., MPS-A multi primitive switching crypto systemtargeted for secure applications,Advanced Science Letters, Volume 19, Issue 8, August 2013, Pages 2313-2316, indexed by Scopus
  • RuhanBevi, A., Malarvizhi, S., A spin ring crossover operator using FPGA, International Review on Modelling and Simulations, Volume 6, Issue 2, 2013, Pages 649-653, indexed by  Scopus
  • RuhanBevi, A., Malarvizhi, S., An effective symmetric key recovery scheme for secure onboard satellite applications, IJCSI International Journal of Computer Science Issues, Vol. 8, Issue 4, No 1, July 2011, Pages 124-130, indexed by Google Scholar
  • RuhanBevi, A., Malarvizhi, S., Bi primitive switching crypto system with key generation mechanism for secure applications,Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers [ online version], Taylor and Francis Publishers, indexed by Scopus, SCI.
  • RuhanBevi, A., MalarvizhiS.,ShubraSaxena., RC5 implementation in ARM platform for cryptographic applications in International journal of information and communication technologies, Inderscience Publishers, indexed by Scopus
  • V. NavyaDeepthi, A. RuhanBevi, V. SaiKeerth ., High Quality FPGA Optimized Random Number Generator, International Journal of Computer Applications , Volume 67 - Number 17, 2013.[online journal]
  • Indrajit Shankar Acharya&RuhanBevi  A., LUT Optimization for Memory Based Computation using Modified OMS Technique , International Journal of Advanced Electrical and Electronics Engineering, (IJAEEE), Volume-2, Issue-5, 2013. Pages 71-75.

Conference Papers

  • RuhanBevi, A.,  Sheshu S.S.V., Malarvizhi, S., FPGA based sliding window architecture for RC5 encryption, ACM International Conference Proceeding Series 2012, Pages 614-618, 2012 International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics, ICACCI 2012; Chennai; India; 3 -5 August 2012
  • RuhanBevi, A., Malarvizhi, S., Performance analysis of TEA block cipher for low power applications, Communications in Computer and Information Science, Volume 292 CCIS, 2012, Pages 605-610, 6th International Conference on Information Processing, ICIP 2012; Bangalore; India; 10 -12 August 2012
  • RuhanBevi, A.,  Sheshu S.S.V, Malarvizhi, S. FPGA based pipelined architecture for RC5 encryption, 2nd International Conference on Digital Information and Communication Technology and it's Applications (DICTAP),pages 214-219, Bangkok, Thailand, 6-18 May 2012 DOI: 10.1109/DICTAP.2012.6215353 , Indexed by Scopus and IEEE Digital Library
  • S. Indrajit, RuhanBevi, LUT optimization for memory based computation using OMS Technique, international conference on Electrical, Electronics, Communication and Photonics-, IEECP, Goa, 2013