Carnegie Mellon University

17-656 Communication for Software Engineers I

Communication for Software Engineers I is a 3 unit full semester course.

This seminar is designed for graduate students in software engineering.  In this core course, technical communication experts introduce principles and approaches for writing and speaking effectively. Students will have opportunities to practice writing, speaking, and listening skills. Essential documentation and presentations  to the MSE Studio and core courses are integrated into seminar instruction. Classroom participation is a key element in the course.

More course details can be found in the Communication for Software Engineers I syllabus.

After completing this course, students will:

  • recognize the importance of situational analysis, planning and revision;
  • create documents that are correct, clear, concise, achieve the desired goals of the writer, and meet the needs of the reader;
  • deliver individual oral presentations that are interesting and direct, and effectively collaborate with a team to produce high-quality work products;
  • apply the principles of effective communication to one's own written and oral presentations, while providing positive, helpful feedback to one's peers.