Carnegie Mellon University

17-648 Engineering Data Intensive Scalable Systems

Engineering Data Intensive Scalable Systems is a 12 unit full semester course.

Internet services companies such as Google, Yahoo!, Amazon, and Facebook have pioneered systems that have achieved unprecedented scale while still providing high level availability and a high cost-performance. These systems differ from mainstream high performance systems in fundamental ways. They are data-intensive rather than compute-intensive as we see with mainstream super computers spending the bulk of their time performing data I/O and manipulation rather than computation. They need to inherently support scalability, typically having high reliability and availability demands as well. Given that they often operate in the commercial space, the cost-performance of these systems needs to be such that the organizations dependent on such systems can turn a profit.

This course introduces students to these concerns with the intent that they understand the extent to which deployment, monitoring, and system upgrades impact the design. The course will be a hands-on project oriented course. The basic concepts will be given during the lectures and applied in the project. The students will gain exposure to the core concepts needed to design and build such systems as well as current technologies in this space. Class size will be limited.

More course details can be found in the Engineering Data Intensive Scalable Systems syllabus.