Carnegie Mellon University

17-605 Agile Software Development Frameworks: Practice

Agile Software Development Frameworks: Practice is a 6 unit half semester course.

Agile Frameworks is used by a majority of Software Development companies today. As one practices Agile methods, it's easy to recognize why a method is needed and the outcome if proper project choices are not made. The course affords students an opportunity to use specific Agile frameworks in the development of a software system, recognize the impact of their decisions, identify challenges that may be introduced by certain techniques, and understand ways in which developers can overcome issues in order to successfully deliver products. Students are required to develop a software system using a framework and to evaluate the team's performance using Agile techniques.

This mini-course is the second in the two-part Agile Software Development Frameworks series. It may be taken as a standalone course with appropriate background knowledge.

More course details can be found in the Agile Software Development Frameworks: Practice syllabus.