Carnegie Mellon University

MSE for Professionals

Do you find yourself working on a project that is overcome by slow progress and technical debt, where you feel there must be a better way to manage code and improve the quality of your software? Or, maybe you have reached a plateau in your career, and you are eager to reach the next level? The Master of Software Engineering (MSE) program for professionals builds on a foundation of skills and experience acquired from 2-7 years in industry, and teaches you state-of-the-art practices used by top software engineering companies.

The MSE program is designed for experienced software developers with at least two years of full-time professional experience. The program includes coursework on requirements, architecture, analysis and project management, while providing students with greater flexibility in directing their education. The program is an on-campus, 16-month long program when pursued full-time. Part-time options are available for U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents of the United States.

"The MSE taught me a lot about perseverance and work ethics, my own limits in terms of what I could do and what I might accomplish. By the time that I graduated, I knew that I could hang with the best of the best."

Eduardo Frias (MSE '94)
Partner, Whitespectre

Program Advantages

Technology That Leads the World

tech.jpgCarnegie Mellon is world-renowned for pioneering and advancing numerous technology fields such as artificial intelligence, autonomous motion, big data, cybersecurity, robotics, and software engineering. The MSE Advanced Studies program gives you the opportunity to collaborate and work alongside the visionary faculty, ground breaking research, and vibrant campus community that has made Carnegie Mellon a global leader in technology.

Open Doors

options.jpgYour MSE degree from Carnegie Mellon is going to unlock countless career opportunities from day one. With CMU’s global reputation, stellar coursework, and a hardcore real-world development project under your belt, you are going to return to the job market with a strategic advantage over many of your peers. And, in the long term, the principled engineering approach we teach will remain consistently relevant — even as tech fads come and go — allowing you to deliver five, ten, or twenty years from now!

Individualized Attention

focus.jpgOur standards are high and our process quite competitive. We intentionally limit the size of each MSE Advance Studies cohort in order to maintain a low student-faculty ratio. As a member of a small cohort, you can expect greater access to the very best of the best. Which boils down to personalized attention in your coursework and the development project, and more opportunities to engage with our visionary faculty, forming lasting connections that will benefit your career.

Tight-Knit Community

network.jpg Students in the MSE family of programs form strong bonds that last a lifetime. Not only with one another, but with the faculty and staff, and the program itself. Graduates are vital members of our community: representing a broad spectrum of our extensive program and becoming industry collaborators, educational partners, and current and former faulty.